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Who we are

Husky’s is a small café/burger joint located at the IGA complex in the wonderful town of Kingaroy, Queensland. Owned by a local couple, both born and bred in Kingaroy.

Growing up in a small town has given us a real heart and passion for our community and the things it has to offer. From the outset, we desired Husky’s burgers to be something unique and different in our region, giving both our visitors and locals a new experience. We endeavour to do this in both product tastes and hospitality to our customers.

This is why we put so much emphasis on our mission statement “bringing abundance to your life”. One of our core philosophies is to bring a positive change into peoples lives. We understand that the world we live in can get pretty negative at times, it’s our mandate in life to have a positive impact on the lives we come in contact with.

Granted we won’t always live up to expectation, and will probably fail at times. But we learn from our mistakes and strive to provide excellence in every area of our business.

Lastly, we believe that every human life (person) has intrinsic value. In layman’s terms, regardless of your race, age, sex, social status ect, YOU ARE WONDERFULLY AMAZING. As a friend of mine likes to say. “ You are Brilliant, good looking, perfect, and all the rest that goes with it”.

(07) 4189 5605

Shop number

Shop 8/2-18 Avoca st.
IGA complex  Kingaroy

Mon-thurs - 7am to 7pm
Fri & Sat - 7 am to 8:30pm

Sun - 7am to 2pm

Husky's Cafe

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